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EuroConference on CAE Integration - Tools, Trends and Technologies (ECITTT)

29 March 2001 - 1 April 2001
University of Cambridge, England

A few helpful words before you look at the detailed information:

By air, the nearest airport is London-Stansted (ca. 40 minutes by rail or airport bus, round trip ca. GBP12, rail is recommended), followed by London-Luton (ca. 70 minutes by airport bus), followed by London-Heathrow (ca. 2-3 hours by airport bus, round trip ca. GBP20), and finally London-Gatwick (ca. 4 hours by airport bus). For economy flights from European countries, we suggest Stansted, with budget flights from easyjet, germanwings, airberlin, ryanair and others.

By rail, Cambridge is ca. 90 minutes from the centre of London (King's Cross Station, Liverpool Street Station, round trip ca. GBP15). By bus, Cambridge is ca. 2 hours from the centre of London (Victoria Street Coach Station, round trip ca. GBP8).

From Cambridge central bus station (Drummer Street - the airport buses stop here) or from Cambridge railway station, New Hall is best reached by bus (ca. GBP1.20) or taxi (ca. GBP5). All buses that pass through Huntingdon road stop at New Hall (e.g. 155, 156, 157, 555, although the detailed New Hall instructions below only mention No. 2 bus).

New Hall has two entrances: The reception / porter's lodge (Huntingdon Road) and the rear gate to the parking (Storey's Way). Both are guarded by the New Hall porters. New Hall's reception is open from early morning until midnight and during the night hours you can ring the bell for the porter.

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Chair: M Forster
SIAM is represented by Prof R T Farouki