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EuroConference on CAE Integration - Tools, Trends and Technologies (ECITTT)

29 March 2001 - 1 April 2001
University of Cambridge, England

Funds from the European Commission's Research Directorate General covered the participation cost of 24 "Young Researchers" at the ECITTT EuroConference. Conference fees, accommodation cost and travel cost could be covered by the funding. Eligibility criteria for funding were age (less than 36 years on 29 March 2001, but compulsory military or social service time spent could be credited towards this age limit) and nationality (national of EU-country or associated country). Some Young Researchers for whom funds were allocated did not show up, or left their decision not to show up until very late. A fair amount of EC budget therefore could not be used.

The ECís RDG aims to encourage Young EU Researchers to be mobile, form interdisciplinary international research networks, and meet established senior researchers.

Chair: M Forster
SIAM is represented by Prof R T Farouki