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Dr R A Perala
Electro Magnetic Applications, Inc.
Denver, CO, USA

Electromagnetic effects verification of complex electronic systems, such as avionics, military systems, entire aircraft, and automobiles is already an expensive process, and is becoming more so. The biggest issue is that verification by testing requires the availability of expensive hardware, and if the system does not meet the requirements, it is expensive to redesign and retrofit the equipment so that it will pass the test. Testing itself is also expensive, and even if the system passes the test, the test does not generally give the system developer an understanding of the electromagnetic interaction involved, so that he can qualify, for example, future derivative or similar systems.

It is therefore desirable to perform a virtual verification of the virtual system before hardware is built, in order to ensure that the system will pass the verification testing.

The paper presents the concepts of virtual prototyping of electromagnetic effects, along with some actual examples. Topics include: