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Marc Juwet, Karel Kenis
KaHo Sint-Lieven
Gebroeders Desmetstraat 1
B-9000 Gent


Small companies often hesitate to introduce FEA because of a lot of preconceptions about this mathematical method. Lots of potential users think the method is expensive, inaccurate and very difficult.

KaHo Sint-Lieven (B) coordinated a research project on “efficient use of finite elements in product development and machine design”. The goal is to conquer these preconceptions with three project milestones:

The software selection guide is summarized in a neatly arranged table. The important features of the 15, in Belgium mostly used FE software packages are described. The table supports the decision maker in his selection process for the appropriate software for his company. The handbook itself is the product of almost 4 man-years of testing. It should give answers to questions like:

A big effort has been made to study the modelling of joints like bolts and welds. All possible techniques have been investigated and are compared with respect to modelling time, accuracy, software requirements.

The last part of the project consists of real life examples of which the complete analysis is described in detail including all problems and difficulties. These real life examples seem to be much appreciated by the readers.