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Prof Zoran Andjelic
ABB Corporate Research Center
Speyere Str. 4
69115 Heidelberg
(Research Center now moved to Zürich, CH)

A general trend in the industry is to use 3D Simulation Based Design (SBD) as a substitution for the expensive Experimentally Supported Design (ESD). There are quite a lot of problems appearing with the implementation of such new design methodology. One of the first problems is the request for highly specialized people being able to face such challenging tasks. Further, the new user-friendly - integrated - fast - robust tools are required in order to fulfil designer tasks in a daily business.

Usual simulation chain in SBD consists of typical components like CAD – Mesh generation – Solvers – Design criteria evaluation. Our aim is to present some experiences with Simulation Based Design in the current industry praxis. Present status and expectations for each of above components are illustrated through several examples of SBD in Power Engineering and MEMS (Micro Electro-mechanics System) design.

Additionally is highlighted the future role of WEB based SBD in the engineering practise. Some experiences from the current design practise using this new challenging technology are also presented.