Free Phylogenetic Network Software

Network generates evolutionary trees and networks from genetic, linguistic, and other data. Network can then provide age estimates for any ancestor in the tree.

Disclaimer: Network is provided free of charge but you are required to read our disclaimer and to cite us when publishing results.

Download:  Network 5   Network 5(zip)   Network 4   Network 4(zip)   release notes   user guide
Recommended add-ons:   DNA Alignment   Network Publisher   pibase

Network 5 is 1.9MB in size and runs on Windows 7, 8, and 10 and includes new free VCF2RDFconverter (for next-generation sequencing vcf data). Network 4 is 1.2MB in size and runs on Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000. Network also runs on Mac and several Linux versions with WINE Windows emulation, and on Windows installed into Parallels Desktop (Mac) or free VirtualBox (Linux, Mac). Network can run from memory stick - no Windows registry entries and no Windows Administrator required for installation. Double click the downloaded file and follow the instructions or click here for installation notes. If you have problems downloading the Network exe, download the zip version and simply extract the files from this. The user guide (pdf) is 2MB in size.

DNA Alignment is recommended for importing Sanger sequences (dna) or amino acid sequences into Network, helping you avoid errors.
Network Publisher is recommended for publication quality graphics, more pie chart network functions, display of longer node names (15 characters) and link names (9 characters), network root proxy nodes, mutations per link and individuals per node, and for diagram comparison.
pibase is recommended for generating rdf files from next-generation sequencing bam files.

Network © Copyright Fluxus Technology Ltd 1999-2019.

Keywords: median joining, reduced median, forward simulation, outgroup rooting, Bandelt, Forster, Röhl