About | Michael Forster

Michael Forster, Director, Fluxus Technology Ltd,   E-mail:  flux2p [at] fluxus-technology [dot] com
Kiel office: P.O. Box 5506, 24065 Kiel, Germany, Tel. +49 431 690 830

Michael is the principal contact for Technology Sales Consultancy and for questions relating to the DNA Alignment software or other developments.

Born 1964, he completed his mechanical engineering degree at the Technical University of Brunswick (Braunschweig) in 1988 with top marks, and also took courses in law and business. Cooperating with Dr. John Watson since 1989, Michael wrote about 300,000 lines of code for the B2 and B3 software, architected their user interfaces, and headed quality control. Since 1999, Michael consults in engineering supply chain processes and systems, and designs and supervises customer specific workshops for corporations and academic institutions.

Michael regularly edits scientific papers before their submission for publication. In 2000-2001, he conceived and organised the ECITTT EuroConference and chaired its scientific committee.