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In Network Publisher, displaying color-coded nodes and pies is made easier and faster for network calculation files which contain attributes (tags). Tags can be assigned to sequences or STR profiles in Network's data editor before running the network calculations, or imported into the Network Publisher session as Excel or csv tables ("Import information").

Node coloring and pies are used within network graphics to display additional information, for example geographic affiliation, lineage (haplogroup), or phenotype (ethnic affiliation) of each sequence or STR profile. Color-coded nodes and pies can help analysis and interpretation, for example whether the geographic origins of sequences correlate with their relationships within the network.

City names as region attribute

The color scheme names Phenotype, Geography, and Lineage are fixed, the remaining color schemes can be renamed by the user (in this example: Diet, Physique, Health Status). Note that you are free to use these attributes for storing other information such as home town, food preferences, metabolic disorders, etc and that the "Import information" feature can be used to import and/or replace attributes at any time.
The color legend in the graphic can be switched on and off.

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