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Forster P, Renfrew C (2006) Phylogenetic Methods and the Prehistory of Languages. McDonald Institute Press, University of Cambridge

Matsumura S, Forster P, Renfrew C (2008) Simulations, Genetics and Prehistory. McDonald Institute Press, University of Cambridge

* cited 10-100 times as of January 2008
** cited 101-500 times as of January 2008
*** cited >500 times as of January 2008
**** official award for best legal medical PhD research in Germany, Austria & Switzerland in 2005

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Circa 100 interviews on human origins and migrations in: New York Times, Washington Post, Times Higher Education Suppl, Spiegel, Frankfurter Allgemeine, Sydney Morning Herald etc.

More than 20 radio interviews in BBC World Service, Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), etc.

More than 10 television interviews. Scientific advisor for UK and US films:
    Discovery Channel (2002) The Real Eve. [Prehistoric migrations]
    BBC (2003) Motherland - A Genetic Journey. [African slave ancestry]
    BBC (2006) Time. [Geological and evolutionary time]
    PBS (2006) African American Lives. [African slave ancestry]
    PBS (2008) African American Lives 2. [African slave ancestry]
    BBC (2009) Darwin’s Dangerous Idea [Darwinistic thinking in society]
    BBC (2009) The Incredible Human Journey [Human genetic variation]

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