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Dr. John O. Watson, Dept. of Mining Engineering, University of New South Wales, Sydney 2052, Australia
Tel.: +61 29 385 4236, Fax.: +61 29 663 4019, E-Mail:

John is the principal contact for mining engineering analysis consultancy.

John Watson, born 1945, began his geotechnical engineering career in 1976 at Imperial College, England. He lives in Sydney since 1987, taught in Sweden in 1996 and was a United Nations consultant in Asia in 1998. His research activities include nonlinear finite elements and esp. boundary elements.
His developments in the boundary element method focussed on making it highly efficient und include many "firsts": isoparametric quadratic elements for stress analysis (1974), infinite geotechnical elements (1976), Hermitian Cubic and Singular 2-D elements for cracks and notches (1987), Quadratic and Singular 3-D elements for cracks and re-entrant corners/notches (1999), iterative Lumping solver (1983), and many detail contributions.

Selected publications...