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1989 - Fluxus was founded involving Michael Forster and John Watson.

1995 - researchers around Prof Hans-Jürgen Bandelt, Dr Peter Forster and Dr Arne Röhl (including Michael Forster) began to establish phylogenetic network analysis methods for certain DNA data analyses, in preference over tree methods.

1999 - Fluxus Technology Ltd was incorporated with Dr Peter Forster as director to include biotechnology.

2000 - the Network 2 software was launched on this website.

2001 - international ECITTT conference on engineering in Cambridge.

2002 - legal medical consultancy commences.

2004 - the Network 4 software was released which includes streamlining by Dr T Polzin and Dr S V Daneshmand.

2004 - the DNA Alignment software was released.

2005 - Rootsforreal acquired.