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Röhl A (1999) Phylogenetische Netzwerke. PhD Thesis, Department of Mathematics, University of Hamburg
includes in Annex:
Rolf B, Röhl A, Forster P, Brinkmann B (1999) On the Genetic origins of the Turks

Hurles ME, Veitia R, Arroyo E, Armenteros M, Bertranpetit J, Perez-Lezaun A, Bosch E, Shlumukova M, Cambon-Thomsen A, McElreavey K, Lopez De Munain A, Roehl A, Wilson IJ, Singh L, Pandya A, Santos FR, Tyler-Smith C, Jobling MA (1999) Recent male-mediated gene flow over a linguistic barrier in Iberia, suggested by analysis of a Y-chromosomal DNA polymorphism. Am J Hum Genet 65:1437-1448

Bandelt H-J, Forster P, Röhl A (1999) Median-joining networks for inferring intraspecific phylogenies. Mol Biol Evol 16:37-48

Forster P, Röhl A, Lünnemann P, Brinkmann C, Zerjal T, Tyler-Smith C, Brinkmann B (2000) A Short Tandem Repeat-Based Phylogeny for the Human Y Chromosome. Am. J. Hum. Genet., 67:182-196

Röhl A, Brinkmann B, Forster L, Forster P (2001) An annotated mtDNA database. International Journal of Legal Medicine 115:29-39

Forster P, Torroni A, Renfrew C, Röhl A (2001) Phylogenetic star contraction applied to Asian and Papuan mtDNA evolution. Mol Biol Evol 18:1864-1881.

Bandelt H-J, Röhl A (2008) Quasi-Median Hulls in Hamming Space are Steiner Hulls. Discrete Applied Mathematics, doi:10.1016/j.dam.2006.09.015

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