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The B3-delivery consists of a CD-ROM with the program, example, and PDF online help files, a Wibu-key licence system USB-Stick, and brief printed installation notes.

B3 setup program
The B3 setup program is started automatically when the CD-ROM is put into the PC's CD drive. CADfix users with their own CADfix customisations may re-use the B3 setup program for their own in-house use. The setup checks whether CADfix is installed on the PC, copies all B3 files into a subdirectory of B3, adds path definitions to the autoexec.bat and modifies the user's personal CADfix configuration file (making backups of the previous files).

B3 Plug-In menus for CADfix
These menus are written in tcl/tk and make use of CADfix API and CADfix command interpreter functions. CADfix users with their own customisations will find it interesting to re-use the B3 tcl/tk files.

B3 Solver
The solver is usually started from the B3 Main Menu within CADfix. The solver can alternatively be started from the Windows command line (cmd); some customers use this mode to define BAT files to run the solver in batch. Full documentation on the interface files to/from the solver is included in the online manuals.