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B3 is designed for stress intensity factor computation of 3D cracks, and for stress concentration computation, both in finite body problems (mechanical engineering) and infinite body problems (geotechnical engineering).

B3 is based on three dimensional third generation boundary elements using quadratic and singular boundary elements. The classic application area for boundary elements is in geotechnical engineering, where submerged stopes or open pit mining excavations in infinitely extending rock masses are analysed. Latest algorithms extend B3's capability to include efficient analysis of thin walled components, making the method very interesting for mechanical engineering.

B3 is available on Windows NT/2000/XP as a fully-integrated plug-in for the data translator CADfix.

B3 © Copyright Dr John O Watson and Michael Forster

CADfix © Copyright ITI TranscenData. CADfix is a registered trademark of ITI TranscenData.